Revamp Your Course to Boost Impact, Student Results and Revenue

From reviewing your existing course to redesigning the whole learning experience, I got you covered so you’re ready for your next launch.

Do you find that your students aren’t implementing what they learn, leading to missed results and potential?

Lemme take care of it – QUICKLY. 

I’ll take a good hard look at your existing course and help you revamp your course so it isn’t just consumed, but actioned upon – leading to success stories that sell your course for you.

And the best part? There’s no guesswork! You’ll know exactly what to do to level up your course so it actually makes a difference!

Need specifics? Here ya go:

  • Success-Rate Audit: Every module, every lesson, every resource – thoroughly examined to spot areas that hinder student implementation.
  • Dynamic Redesign: A Course Design Report with recommendations to ensure your course delivers results, boosts student success rate, and ramps up satisfaction.
  • Clear Action Plan: Our 1:1 Strategy Session will give you a concrete roadmap to keep your course consistently results-focused. No guesswork, just tangible steps.

Now this ain’t for everybody -

The VIP Makeover is perfect for coaches, consultants, speakers, authors and other online experts who:

  • Noticed stagnant or dwindling success rates in their courses.
  • Want their students to move from passive learning to active implementation.
  • Are driven by student results and success stories, not just enrollment numbers.

Here’s the Play-by-Play…

Dive into your Course Clarity Checklist

This will guide you through the process so you and I get clarity on how you envision your course. Answering the questions will give us the direction on how to execute our course project and ensure it appeals to your audience and converts.

Share access to your course

I’ll audit your existing course and look into the student feedback to take your course to the next level. After the audit, I’ll send over a Course Design Report which details different areas of improvement and proposed action plans.

The VIP Session

We’ll hop on our scheduled 1:1 Strategy Session where we go over my recommendations, answer questions and ensure you’re clear on next steps.

And oh, there’s more - your KILLER bonuses!

14-Day Email Support ($500 Value)

Stay on track to your course success by getting the support you need when you need ’em!

Course Clarity Checklist ($97 Value)

Get crystal clear on your course idea so you’d know exactly how to promote it like a freakin’ pro!

Course Creation Vault ($1000 Value)

Grab your All Access Pass to the ultimate playbook where I spill all the tea about my Course Creation System!

Client Reviews

“I’m so lucky to work with Hazel. She got my vision and she would implement very fast and with very good quality. My course has blown up and I’m really grateful because she helped me get to this level.”
Julian Canita
FB Ads Specialist
“Everything was just so easy. All I have to do was deliver the course. Hazel took care of all the behind the scenes. Thank you for making the journey of making my 1st online course really pleasurable, fun & successful!”
Eli Abela
Biohacking Expert
“Hazel & I met online and I knew right away that she was going to provide tremendous value to my business. She stepped right in, did all the research, and asked all the right questions.”
Dan LeFave
Author & Coach

The Price Tag? $597

Course Content Audit ⭐️ Course Makeover Report ⭐️ 45-min Strategy Session

Ready to transform your course into an impactful learning experience and let success stories do the marketing for you?

If you don’t have the time, the resources (or the patience) to get it done – this is the perfect opportunity for you –

book a call below!

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