Okay, you signed up for the free resource and learned a thing or two on course creation – now what?

Would you like to get your online course DONE FOR YOU?

Let’s face it—knowledge is just the first step. Execution is where the magic aka profit truly happens. 

Let's be real...

Where’s the time to create that transformational online course? Who’s got weeks or months to spend?  How do you not get overwhelmed by the amount of content you need to curate or create? And let’s not forget about the structure, course materials and slide decks…

If you’re drowning in content, overwhelmed by the how-tos, and exhausted even before starting – take a deep breath.

Most experts have a plethora of thought leadership content but lack the resource, time and patience to distill it into an engaging online course. That’s why a lot of course ideas never see the light of day…

What if you can just watch your vision come to life INSTEAD of having to actually execute it? What if you can get your course ready for launch WITHOUT doing all the course work yourself? What if you can just work smarter NOT harder?



A VIP experience that marries your expertise with my decade-long experience in course creation. Result? Your own online course, tailored, crafted, and ready to launch in a week or less.

From mapping out the curriculum, to creating your course materials and lesson plans, I’ll take care of it for you so you can focus on launching it into the world and enrolling students.

Why This is a Game Changer

Traditional course creation can take months, even years. With the VIP Intensive, we bypass the common project delays, getting a streamlined, engaging, and market-ready course you can launch. Time saved. Revenue accelerated.

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Here’s the Play-by-Play…

Choose your course structure template.

Use my Plug and Play Course Structure Generator and determine how to best monetize your expertise - no need to overthink it. If you have questions, lemme know and I’d be happy to help.

Dive into your Course Clarity Checklist.

This will guide you through the process so you and I get clarity on how you envision your course. Answering the questions will give us the direction on how to execute our course project and ensure it appeals to your audience and converts.

Send your thought leadership content.

Whether it’s a vault of articles, workshops, videos, worksheets or interviews, I’ll review your existing content to get a better grasp of your course topic. Then, we’ll spend 30 minutes mapping out your course curriculum.

Now I’ll do the heavy lifting!

After we finalize your curriculum, I’ll kick off the course production phase and work on your lesson plans, course materials and student onboarding experience.

The VIP Intensive

We’ll hop on our scheduled 1:1 Intensive where we go over the whole course I’ve developed for you, get your feedback and optimize it for profitability. After our intensive, we’ll have a check-in call to QA the hell out of all your course assets and ensure your course is ready for launch.

And you’re launch-ready!

Your online course is now ready for your students! Plus, you get a 14-day email support, so if anything comes up, you can always reach out. You’ll also feel empowered to maintain and update your course with access to a vault of training videos and resource documents.

Ready to get your course done for you?

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Client Feedback

“After working with Hazel, I received positive feedback from our clients… We had more success stories, we had more case studies but most of all, we had more sales… I’m very grateful for Hazel… This training alone has generated us 50M+ in sales.”

– FIBO LIM, Entrepreneur

Meet Hazel June

Hey there! I’m Hazel June. Remember when you wished someone could help transform your expertise into a nifty online course?

Well, ta-da! Once a Corporate Trainer, now I’m your go-to Online Course Strategist.

If you’re an expert, coach, or consultant dreaming of serving more clients (and, let’s be real, enjoying more free time), I’ve got your back.

With over 10 years in training and development, I know a thing or two about creating courses that not only shine but also let you earn without the endless hustle. 

Ready to turn your expertise into a high value online course WITHOUT breaking a sweat?

If you don’t have the time, the resources (or the patience) to get it done – this is the perfect opportunity for you.