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The VIP Course Creation Day you didn’t realize you needed…

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A typical course creation project can be a long and frustrating process.

You’re put on a waitlist, and suddenly, you’ve aged a year before even getting started. Emails and messages are bouncing back and forth like a ping-pong match. Priorities shift, timelines extend, and your course ends up taking longer than you thought it would.

Thank heavens, there's a better, less "hair-pulling" way.

Cue the drum roll for… focused course creation days where I slash through your to-do list like a ninja, getting your course ready for launch quicker than binging on a Netflix series – with zero back-and-forth chit chat and tedious timeline extensions.

Introducing: Course Creation VIP Days

These are no-nonsense, “Get Sh*t Done” days, where I blitz through creating your course so you can get it out there and have money flowing in faster than a chocolate fountain.

Say “Au revoir” to money-sucking delays and course creation marathons. Stop the late-night dates with Trello, Asana, or your colorful forest of sticky notes. No more blankly staring at your computer screen trying to figure out your course outline.

I’ll create your course using your existing resources so you won’t have to lift a finger. From writing the lesson plans, orchestrating the student onboarding experience, to designing the course materials – I gotchu!

Why choose a VIP Day?

Because Efficiency Is The New Sexy!

It's all about YOU

During the VIP Day, there’s no competing clients or projects. I’m laser focused on you and you alone. Stuff gets done DURING the VIP Day, not when the next comet passes by Earth.

You pick THE day

You get the freedom to plan your day with me. Regular check-ins ensure that we're co-creating your masterpiece effectively without the constant ping-pong email match.

Efficiency, baby!

We'll cut through the chaff and focus on the bread-and-butter tasks. During our Strategy Call, we'll decide your top priorities to maximize our productive rendezvous.

As Simple as it gets

One Price, Zero Hassles. Simple as that. The whole process ain't rocket science. It's fast and streamlined - no complicated structures, workflows or deliverables.

"Thanks for the great feedback. Extremely helpful. I thought as I listened, when we are finished, I am going to be so good at this!! I listened before I read your edits - WOW, what a difference! I am also going through your comments. Thanks Hazel. You are an amazing coach."
Dr. Rose Johnson

So where do you fit?

"I have an existing course, but it needs a revamp so it's up-to-date and offers more value."

"I’ve launched a beta or pilot class, now I need to convert that into an on-demand, scalable course."​

I want to turn my 1:1s/books/services into a course but I’m busy as a bee - I need an extra set of hands."​

Our Focus - The 3 Pillars of Profitability

✔️ A curriculum that makes students drool over the learning experience

✔️ A signature framework that’s as digestible as your favorite dessert. 

✔️ Learning activities that stir up engagement and get things done.

Why these three, you ask? Easy peasy.

💰 Retention (No refunds, thank you!)

💰 Referrals (Free marketing, yay!)

💰 Repeat Business (Your customers can’t get enough!)

Happy customers = Thriving business. 

So let’s roll up our sleeves and get your course to the finish line!

How It Works

Your VIP Experience


It all starts with a chat about your course dreams and desires. If we're vibing and it's a match made in course-heaven, slide into that VIP Day spot and drop a lil' deposit to seal the deal and lock in our VIP date!


The VIP game plan: We'll kick things off with a quick 'check-in' and ensure we're in sync. After that, it's go-time! I'll be on task-crushing duty, and then I'll pass the mic to you for feedback. We'll wrap our project with a bow and a finalized course project!


After you snag that VIP spot, there'll be an email waiting for you to set our power-packed strategy session. And hey, there's a tiny bit of homework (don't worry, it's the fun kind) designed to set us up for success in our course project.


After our sesh, think I'm just gonna ghost you? Think again! For 2 weeks, I'm just an email away for any SOS moments. As a cherry on top, you'll score lifetime access to my "Course Creation Vault" for extra resources.

Let's get started, shall we?

Choose your path to success!

Revamp Your Online Course to Boost Impact, Student Results and Overall Revenue

Upgrade Your Beta, Pilot or Live Class Into a Scalable, On-Demand Course that Converts

Turn Your 1:1s, workshops or books into a Profitable Online Course in 1 Week or Less

Meet Hazel June

Hey there! I’m Hazel June. Remember when you wished someone could help transform your expertise into a nifty online course?

Well, ta-da! Once a Corporate Trainer, now I’m your go-to Online Course Strategist.

If you’re an expert, coach, or consultant dreaming of serving more clients (and, let’s be real, enjoying more free time), I’ve got your back.

With over 10 years in training and development, I know a thing or two about creating courses that not only shine but also let you earn without the endless hustle. 

Experts I've Worked With

Testimonials and Love Notes

"Hazel gave me a lot of feedback on better structuring things in the course and making sure I was only including materials that would take my enrollees to the goal that I'm promising them. It was a huge help!"
Amy Parmar
"If you're looking to create a course, I recommend chatting with Hazel. She's a wealth of information when it comes to course creation!"
Ingrid Gonzalez
“Hazel has been amazing in this whole process. The 1st time we talked she was able to look at my overall design & helped me rethink things so it was much clearer, simpler & less overwhelming. If you really hope to best serve your clients, I would highly recommend working with Hazel.”
Maureen Turnbull

Let’s Get Your Course Launch-Ready & Turn YOUR Teaching into Profits, Pronto!

Not yet ready?

I gotchu!

You can sign up for my mini course instead and learn how to design an online curriculum in half a day even if it’s your 1st time doing it.

Just click the button below to get your free access!

Featured Work

Take a peek into our course vault

Workbooks, Checklists & More

Topic: Business Growth

“After working with Hazel, I received positive feedback from our clients… We had more success stories, we had more case studies but most of all, we had more sales… I’m very grateful for Hazel… This training alone has generated us 50M+ in sales.”

Topic: Facebook Ads

“I’m so lucky to work with Hazel. She got my vision and she would implement very fast and with very good quality. My course has blown up and I’m really grateful because she helped me get to this level.”

Topic: Heal Yourself with EFT

“Everything was just so easy. All I have to do was deliver the course. Hazel took care of all the behind the scenes. Thank you for making the journey of making my 1st online course really pleasurable, fun & successful!”

Topic: Learning a New Language

“Hazel has been amazing in this whole process. The 1st time we talked she was able to look at my overall design & helped me rethink things so it was much clearer, simpler & less overwhelming. If you really hope to best serve your clients, I would highly recommend to work with Hazel.”


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