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Hazel June

“I created Course that Converts to help personal brands turn their expertise into an online course  without the constant time-suck, stress and overwhelm. Because in today’s world? AI can be your best and most efficient team member.”

Hazel June, Corporate Trainer turned Business Owner, Online Course Consultant and Creator of the Course that Converts newsletter

Elevate Your Brand and Be the Go-To Expert In Your Industry

Want to show your expertise through online courses? Leverage the power of AI to fast track the course creation process? Want to effortlessly translate your vast expertise into impactful courses that educate and sell? In just 5 minutes of your day, you’ll maximize the power of AI to craft and elevate your courses—even if you’ve never created a course before.

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Supercharge Your Course Creation Skills with AI

We sift through the universe of AI tools and innovations, bringing you the most intuitive, efficient, and game-changing techniques straight to your inbox. From Monday to Friday, embark on a creative journey of course creation, seeing firsthand how AI can be your co-pilot, eliminating the guesswork. Think of it as a daily 5-minute bootcamp to kickstart your day, equipping you with the insights and know-how to craft courses with clarity, and ease. Because, after all, you can’t master the art until you see the tools in action, right?

Ditch the Overwhelm & Have Fun Creating Courses

Whether you’re looking to generate leads, increase your revenue, or scale beyond 1:1 client work, creating online courses need not be stressful or  daunting. Discover how AI can take your course content to the next level and actually have fun with your creative project. With AI, you’ll always be steps ahead, never feeling outpaced or outthought by your competitors.

Course That Converts Newsletter

Create Your Online Course Effortlessly with AI

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